A Space to Meet in Patcham

The Patcham community center has its humble beginnings in the 1960s, a mix-use space in a portion of Margaret Hardy School for Girls located along Warmdene road in Brighton City. Patcham, UK had its first community center with a TV room where residents could gather and watch special occasions together. Soon after, the growth of the school resulted in a need for more space and it was time for the community center to move.

Patcham community center

Moving into current premise

After a merger between Margaret Hardy School and a next-door boy’s school, the school campus no longer had the space to accommodate the community center in its premise. Therefore, in 2003, the Patcham Community Center settled in its new space which was purpose built big enough for a library in it. With a proper space for the community center, it then became a meeting place for locals, home to 45 different organizations and a celebratory space for families and friends for special events such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

Run by Charity Organization

The Community Center is locally run by Patcham Community Association – a registered charity who oversees the smooth running of the center, ensures its continued running and gives back to the residents through the creation of a community fund. This community fund seeks to provide financial aid to local groups as they embark on projects that benefit the local Patcham Community in the long term.

Patcham community center

Activities for all

Patcham Community Center serves as a hosting ground for a plethora of activities happening everyday of the week. Activities like embroidery, yoga, table tennis and dance ensure that there is something for all ages to learn and enjoy. Not just for leisure activities, the community center is also the home to support group for Parkinson’s patients, people looking for companionship and those with injuries through Physio sports- giving assurance to all that they do not suffer alone. With a wide mix of activities in the same space, the center ensures that all residents, despite being from different walks of life who might not otherwise interact with one another have a chance to meet and perhaps form lasting friendships.

A community center is a place where residents can come from all corners to learn something, volunteer in something and ultimate is rooted comfortably into the community and Patcham is a prime example of success.