Patcham Community Centre – Rent for Celebration

Patcham community center in Brighton, UK has been a gathering place for its residents from its establishment in the 1960s, its relocation in the 1990s to Ladymile road, to a thriving community place now. Throughout the years, the community center has been the center of how society gets and celebrates good news – be it the end of the war, birthdays or advancements in careers. No surprise then that the center in Patcham was and continues to be used to commemorate and celebrate key milestones in the lives of its residents.

Patcham community center

The Celebration Space

The community center has 5 rooms which can seat between 30 to 120 people when 2 meeting rooms are joined together. Each room has superb lighting all around and has ample space for both seated and standing guests. The biggest room for hire seats 80 people comfortably and is situated closest to the refreshments for breaks in between meetings. If it is a social function, no fear as both food and drinks are placed in the room itself for everyone’s enjoyment. Rent slots are available in half day timings or a full day, with flexibility to move the timings around upon negotiation.

Each floor also has a pantry equipped with kettles, refrigerators, induction cookers etc. and well stocked with cutlery, cups and plates. Want to have games at your party, no problem at all – as the rooms come No need worry about logistics during your event or to bring anything from home.

Examples of Events

The center has borne witness to many great celebrations across the years and if you have an event but wonder if you can have it at the center, feel free to reach out to ask. The center has hosted all kinds of activities – birthdays, graduation parties and art exhibitions to name a few! It was recently used as a venue for Patcham Arts in the opening of 2016 Summer Brighton Festival, where 16 local artists were invited to showcase their artwork to the community in an effort to raise awareness and support for the arts.

Despite the years, the center continues to represent the heart of the people – being a place where people can make friends, gather together and perhaps learn something new. Why not have your event imbued with this sense of community?