Why Patcham Community Association is Loved by Many People

Patchman community Association is in charge of running the Patchman community center. The association was formed in 1945. For quite a long time the Patchman community did not have a community center. A community center is a public area where the members of a particular community can gather and take part in group activities. This was until the organization saw the need to come up with one. The new center has been a gem to many people with over 40 organizations having access to it and its facilities. The association is made up of volunteers and it is registered as a charity organization. The main aim of starting the community center was to bring together the people of the Patchman community. The Patchman association has done a great job in achieving that.

The association is loved and welcomed by many people because;

  • It does not discriminate

The Patchman association was formed during a time when racism was still a big issue. The committee members still managed to come up with an organization that accommodated everyone. Regardless of the race, social class, political affiliations, religious views or any other opinions that would generally divide people. Different people were still able to come together and participate in the various activities without being judged.

Patchman community Association

  • It cares for the elderly

Many at times the young people in any community grow up and moved to different places leaving their parents behind. Most of the times the young generation are focused on growing up and becoming independent forgetting that their parents or caregivers are also growing old. The patchman association has made sure the elderly in the community are also catered for. There are clubs with activities that specifically target the elderly. Therefore the elderly also have a place they can fit in the society.

Patchman community Association

  • Provides a platform for volunteer activities

Being a charity organization, the Patchman association values the importance of volunteering. The Patchman community center is a place where many young people can meet and participate in tons of volunteering work. This is a great attribute since it emphasizes the importance of charity work. People in every community need one another. Charity work is a great idea to bring different people together.

Patchman community center has grown a lot over the past years. It is a place that is honored by many people. The greatest attribute being its ability to bring different people together without any discrimination. Thanks to the Patchman association, the Patchman society is one happy community.