Market prices for property by the sea are increasing every year. At the same time, the demand for real estate in investment-friendly recreational areas is also steadily increasing. Some people buy a house or an apartment to invest money; others want to have a house by the sea to rent it out. Whatever the reason for your purchase is, we have investigated the crucial features of Greek property for you to consider.


Buying Houses in Greece


In Greece, there are more than 3,000 islands, and eight months a year the country enjoys warm mild weather. Little surprise that real estate is in high demand, both by Greeks and by foreigners as well. An extra benefit is that the range of prices for property for sale in Greece is quite wide, ranging from 500-700 euros per sq. m. to impressingly higher numbers. The cost depends on the area, region, distance from the sea, and the floor.

If you calculate all real estate taxes, then you will receive an amount of approximately 15% of the real value of the purchased property. An annual property tax is levied if the estimated value of the property is over EUR 200,000. It is about 50% of the real value – 100-200 euros a year, which is included in the electricity bill.

In recent years, buy property in greece is considered a profitable investment and a sign of good taste. Find below a list of regions where you can find property for sale Greece:

  • We recommend you to pay attention to the proposals in Athens, to consider Piraeus and also the East and West of Attica.
  • The northern part of the country attracts those wishing to buy a villa in picturesque Saloniki, the Halkidiki Peninsula, or perhaps in the Olympic Riviera.
  • Consider buying a house in the central region of Greece and Thessaly. You can also find a great house for sale Greece not far from the world-famous Meteors monasteries.

No matter what region of Greece you choose, you will definitely benefit from the high living standards in the country, reasonable prices, and ordered lifestyle. The warm Mediterranean climate, absence of environmental pollution, and the slow, pleasant way of life adopted by the local population have created good conditions for establishing a high standard of living for society. On top of that, the country boasts of having the lowest rates of crime among the EU nations. If you decide to buy real estate in Greece, you can be absolutely calm about the safety of people close to you, and the safety of your property.

If you want to buy a house in Greece, then we strongly recommend you to conduct proper preliminary research to know the prices on the market. Afterwards, it is necessary to check the legal aspects of the matter and imposition of tax. Only this way, you can save money and make a cost-effective investment.

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