Things You Will Love about Brighton

  • Colors. When you walk through Brighton, most popular and posh British sea resort, your eye notices that in many places have that ideal color that they have chosen, between blue and green, that gives a special touch to the whole city, specially in summer.


Brighton has three basic color based attractions that any tourist would love:

  • Very quiet beach tanned into almost perfect colors.
  • Superb buildings, elegant and aristocratic.
  • And, last but not least, Brighton has a certain color for banisters, lampposts, taxis and many more things. Prescribed by a good taste of its inhabitants. ¬†
  • Districts. Brighton has several districts which originally were separate villages, for instance, a popular residential area, Patcham. It appeared and was developed around All Saints Church back in 12th 13th-century. Still it is one of the most ancient churches of the county. Pleasant and welcoming area, where you can buy property in greece, a flat or a piece of land using site, local people adore getting together for meetings and activities at Patcham Community Center.

In Brighton You Can Have a Barbecue on a Beach

  1. Beach barbecue. A beautiful idea of the local authorities: ¬†Brighton lets you make barbecue on the beach! Don’t tell me Brighton is not great! They have a great beach for socializing, especially impressive late in the afternoon, quiet and immersed into beautiful light.
  2. Wandering around. Imagine you arrive at Brighton for a day, so here you have a possible route to enjoy a day in Brighton:

Get down to Queen’s Rd and turn left along North Rd, now you are in North Laine, fashionable bohemian district. Now you can go to Trafalgar St for breakfast somewhere and then stroll around the street full of crafty and fancy cloth or music stores. You shouldn’t not miss Snoopers Paradise, a center for vintage shops. Then you go to the Royal Pavilion, it is a step away from North Laine, if you do not see any indication, just ask how to get there.


After that you go down to Old Steine with its gardens and then to the Brighton pier. Here you can visit aquarium or take a small train to the Marina, where you can either walk through the Marina or enjoy any famous restaurant with lovely beach terraces next to the pier. Or you go to East St which is nicer and have better food, but there is no beach atmosphere.

Brighton is a perfect place to be visited in summer, when both its beach is full of life and activities: memorabilia stands, daring bathers, tourists who eat fish & chips under the threatening gaze of seagulls.